The HAU Hay Depot

The HAU Hay Depot is a round bale rack, which may be used to provide food for two horses in single keeping.

Apart from maintaining a large food stock, which makes it efficient and interesting for operators, the HAU Hay Depot – other than conventional racks – offers maximum safety to horses. The panelling of the HAU Hay Depot is completely closed and only offers access to food via two openings. The width of the feeding stand is adjustable. Due to the closed design, the HAU Hay Depot is not only perfectly horse-safe; it also protects the fodder against weather conditions.

Known for sophistically designed details in their products, the HAU Company and its Hay Depot leave nothing to be desired: round bales are mounted on a rotating table. As required, the bale is turned by a simple manual operation. Thus, we ensure that the hay is accessible to horses at all times and the bale is completely fed hassle-free. If necessary, a time-controlled slide can be integrated to close the food openings.

Hay Depot

Hay Depot inside

Hay Depot

Feeding opening

Hay Depot

Back of Hay Depot