Equipe - The Stall Series for the Highest Demand.

The right range for individualists, our "Equipe Series" is a mix of high quality material and modern design. Appropriate to horses and precious, it provides comfort and security in a harmonious form. This series warrants for an optimum relationship between horse, man and environment. Ultimately, each horse is special. See for yourself and discover the diversity of our options. We produce according to your specifications: any size, the most diverse shapes, numerous colours, with hinged doors and partitions. Naturally, we also adjust our standard height of 2.30 m (7.55") to your specifications. All our steel parts are hot-dip galvanized and therefore protected against corrosion. As an option, our products may be powder-coated in any desired RAL colour. You see: we realize all your wishes – if only we know them!

Equipe B with crossbeam in door

Equipe B

This model was specifically designed for Gut Bohmerhof. The visual appeal may be enhanced by a crossbeam in the door.

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Equipe C powder-coated in fir green with golden knobs

Equipe C

This is the original, initially designed and produced for the Schlossäcker stud farm. The harmonious shape of stalls with centred swing door is adjusted to the respective dimensions.

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Equipe D

Equipe D

Harmonious curve shape for an open view; the door is centred.

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Equipe E powder-coated in fir green with golden knobs

Equipe E

As a supplementary stallion stall to match Equipe C; for additional safety the front is elevated. The door may be split horizontally upon request.

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Equipe F front hot-dip galvanized

Equipe F

The classical straight shape; identical to Equipe model E, however without segmental arch.

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Equipe G door offset to the side

Equipe G

Looks like Equipe model C. Use is particularly recommended in case of small stall fronts. One half is designed as a door, the other half is stationary.

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Equipe H front door on right

Equipe H

The horizontal tubing allows for optimum contact between man and horse.

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Equipe R powder-coated in fir green with knobs

Equipe R

Equipe R was designed upon customer request and is based on Equipe C. It is particularly suitable for wide stall fronts exceeding 4.0 m (13.12’).

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Equipe Z front with Douglas fir panels

Equipe Z

Largely corresponds to Equipe model D; door without segmental arch.