All of our doors are produced with a special door stop profile. The door leaf and frame are hot-dip galvanized after welding. We manufacture our doors in all sizes and designs subject to individual requirements and wishes.

HAU- standard- barn door

HAU- standard- barn door

Horizontally split door of 125 cm x 225 cm (49.21 x 88.58“), the lower section comes with Denya hardwood, the upper section with safety glass. The HAU double bolt lock is operated via a stainless steel hinged handle. Alternatively, the door may also come with protective grating.

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Paddock door with tilt skylight

Paddock doors

Paddock doors connect the stall and paddock area without protruding rims. With their flat handle they are safe and easy to operate and come with a double bolt lock (protected), manufactured to size.

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Barn door with window cross in skylight and fishbone-panelling

Barn doors

Barn doors come in various designs and are suitable for various applications with convenient handle and lock, manufactured to size.

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