HAU 2-point safety lock

To ensure effortless, automatic, and secure closing of the stall door, we developed our HAU 2-point safety lock dedicating particular attention to the lower part of the door. The convenient one-hand operation locks two latching bolts at the same time. The door is thus not only locked above but also below.

The additional lower locking point of the HAU 2-point safety lock prevents jamming injuries: should your horse lie down or roll in its stall and press against the door, no dangerous gap will form. Naturally, operation is possible both from the aisle and the stall.

Our system speaks for itself and will convince you with just one grip.

As a standard, all our models in the Equipe series, the Partner swing doors, the HAU standard and HAU stable doors come with our HAU 2-point safety lock.

Swing door with HAU 2-point safety lock and stainless steel handle

Swing door with HAU 2-point safety lock:

Locks in upper and lower section

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